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How to Increase Your Event Sign Ups

How to Increase Your Event Sign-Ups

start off the year on a even more positive note with these tips on how to increase the quantity of sign-ups for all of your events. we would like to remind our readers that here at the 3 west club we have 7 different unique space rooms that can be accommodate to hold your event.

There are plenty of ways you can increase your signups by making some adjustments via your website. Believe it or not, most them don’t require any kind of technical or coding knowledge (which can become annoying to even those with the proper skill sets). Following these tips can make a huge difference in the number of hits you land and conversions you receive back.

When you break these actions down to their most basic ideas, it comes down to removing psychological barriers and offering better reasons to sign up. Keep those two ideas in mind whenever you’re working on a signup page:

Does this make it easier to sign up?
Does this give a better reason to sign up?If the answer is yes, then you’re likely going to see an increase in your conversions.


To get people to sign up you need to give them detailed answers. Specifically, to what, when, where and why. What your event is about? Where is the location of your event? What time is your event taking place? Why they can't miss it?

Second Email: Confirmation Email
A huge mistake many businesses do is not send a confirmation email when someone registers for an event. Why is this bad you may ask? Well a confirmation email can benefit both parties. The person who has registered for the event will have peace of mind knowing that their order/reservation went through. Additionally, you can add links to related content on your website (which will increase your visitors) or encourage them to connect with you on social media (grow your audience).

Third Email: Reminder Email
Another common mistake businesses commit? Forgetting to send a reminder email. Let’s be honest, we are all busy individuals who from time-to-time forget things. This action will make everyone’s lives easier. Send out a reminder email a week prior to the event to those registered. Don't forget to include the date and address of the event as well as any information that could be extremely helpful such as parking, catering, etc.

Sign Up Page

Your sign-up page is where you want people to sign up for your event, correct? Therefore, you need to make it stand out! Businesses can do this by using quality imagery and making sure the content is clear and concise, have bold call-to-actions and don't forget to make sure there is contact information on the page.

Social Media

Social Media is vital to every business. It is where clients, future clients, those possibly interested and many others will get to know more about your company. Here they can know what the company’s brand is, what the company follows and what is happening next within the company.

Create a Facebook event on your page, include all the information about your event and a link to the sign-up page, regularly post about the event and share links and images related to the event.
Ad Ad Ad. If you are looking to reach more people through Facebook try using Facebook's paid advertising which is more than likely to land you more hits.

Don't forget to post regular tweets about your event, always include a link to your sign-up page and if applicable throw in an image too!
Twitter also offers paid advertising if you would like to try and reach more people through the platform.

Like all the above, Instagram now offers paid advertising that is unavoidable if a user is scrolling through their feed. Instagram is strictly a picture and video social media outlet but you can still use it affectively to talk about your upcoming event.


If you think Blogs are old school, think again. With more people having access to the internet than ever, blogs are just as popular as social media and as they were when first created. Writing blogs related to the topic of your event is always helpful when attempting to spark interest to an event. Do make sure to mention your upcoming event at the bottom of the related blog and include a link to the sign-up page.

Using the ideas mentioned above will help you reach a bigger audience and make your attendee list grow. There are plenty of other ways to attract more people (i.e. – press releases, video marketing, ask for help promoting your event from other businesses, etc.
We wish you the best of luck on all of your future events!

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Tips for Attracting + Engaging Millennials at Your Event

Tips for Attracting and Engaging Millennials at Your Event

In this week's blog we bring you some vital tips for attracting and engaging millennials at your upcoming event.

1. Make your event website “social” .
When trying to attract Generation Y attendees, don’t stick to just the meeting basics (i.E. - event agendas and registration forms). Let the audience begin to interact before the meeting by incorporating social media widgets, enabling comments and featuring blog posts from speakers.

2. Host your event in a big city.
Researchers have found that millennials want to live and go to big cities where there is public transportation and a lot of nighttime activities.

3. Offer opportunities for professional networking.
research has also found that an estimated 80 percent of millennials are more likely to attend events that include a "peer-to-peer networking" and a "career networking and job opportunities".

4. Make education fun and interesting.
mobile applications and gamification in sessions and throughout the meeting will make learning much more interactive and keep your attendees focused as well as interested.

5. Make social media an event focus.
we live in an age where social medial holds great power. by creating a hashtag for the event you have attendees something to automatically engage about and connect everything occurring at the event to (subconsciously creating advertising for your company). you can also arrange to have tweets and posts displayed on projection screens throughout the space. another idea is incentivize the social interaction by offering a prize for the most interesting or engaging tweet.


Sources: http://www.meetingsimagined.com/tips-trends/tailor-your-event-millennial-audience

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