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Hosting a Holiday Party for your Company (Do it)

host a holiday party for your company

With Thanksgiving behind us, many employers are now focused on end-of-year holiday parties. The 3 West Club does have some limited dates still available for a holiday party in December. Contact us today for more information!

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Corporate holiday parties offer numerous benefits for employers and employees alike. Employees are the heart of a company, and a holiday party is a great way to express your appreciation and thank your team for another year of hard work.

Why should we host a company holiday party?

Research shows employee appreciation can inspire increased productivity, retention and satisfaction among employees. An end-of-the-year party provides an enjoyable evening for employees and allows companies to show their appreciation in a more personal way.

Benefits to having a company holiday party:

It builds culture.

If you’re trying to establish your company culture (or want to reinforce it), the holiday party is a great opportunity to demonstrate what you’re all about. If you try to prioritize individual recognition, you can have an awards ceremony during the party.
Plus, parties are fun! Your employees want to have a good time. While it might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, having a holiday party shows you’re a company that values employees’ happiness—and that you’re a genuinely fun place to work.

It boosts morale.

Ending the year on a high note with some fun can boost morale, leaving employees with a high opinion of the company and their work as they break for the holidays. Additionally, it can present an ideal way to kick off the New Year on optimistic footing, empowering your team to return with enthusiasm and energy.

It helps you and your employees get to know one another.

Getting to know your employees as people, not simply as workers, is essential for teams to succeed. Interacting with your employees at a social gathering is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. You can gain insight on how to work best with them in a professional setting by simply listening to their interactions.

Celebrating together is also a great opportunity for your employees to get to know one another. Often at the office, employees only get to interact with others within their department. Having an inclusive company holiday party affords your co-workers the opportunity to meet and mingle with people they might not otherwise get to talk to on a regular basis. Employee bonding in a social context is a key element of team building, which is necessary to produce the best results.

It shows gratitude in a personal way.

It’s true: giving your employees a year-end cash bonus or extra PTO is an amazing way to say thank you for their hard work. However, they will also appreciate a more personal way of showing gratitude. Having a party for them says that you value them as both employees and people—they aren’t just a faceless entity you can throw a check at and call it personal recognition. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can hand out “awards” to employees at the party to show them that you truly appreciate their contribution to your organization.

Now that you’ve decided to host the party, don’t forget to think outside the box to create an event that your employees will be excited to attend.

Please consider these tips for planning a memorable holiday party for your employees.

  1. RSVPs should be voluntary. If attending a company party is mandatory, you may be opening your business to a number of wage-and-hour-related issues. Plus, feeling “forced” to attend an event can really put a damper on holiday cheer.

  2. Pick the venue and entertainment carefully, and keep safety top-of-mind. Consider asking employees for suggestions during the planning process to promote participation.

  3. Create a festive setting where everyone feels welcomed.

  4. Ask managers to lead by example. Employees will often look to their supervisors for cues on proper demeanor at work events. Designate specific individuals to oversee conduct and gently remind employees that company conduct policies apply at the holiday party.

  5. Promote responsible consumption

If alcohol will be served, urge employees to drink responsibly and have a plan to manage the inherent risks:
▪Consider limiting choices to wine and beer with a variety of non-alcoholic options available.
▪Use a drink ticket system to help limit consumption. End service an hour before the party ends.
▪Hire professional bartenders. Don’t let employees serve themselves.
▪Managers should remain alert and watch for employees who may be drinking in excess.
▪Arrange for company-paid transportation for any employee who cannot safely drive. Make sure all employees are aware of this option in advance.

  1. Promote your company event with enthusiasm, and be conscientious. Practicing responsible party-planning doesn’t mean that you can’t also enjoy celebrating with work colleagues and friends.


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2nd Annual Holiday Boutique

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Join us on November 10th from 4 to 7 PM for the 3 West Club’s Holiday Boutique. The 3 West Club’s Holiday Boutique showcases local retailers and artisans for your holiday shopping pleasure. This event is open to the public. We invite you to join us for a night of shopping, refreshments and delicious food.

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