Way Off the Beaten Track - 11 Cool Honeymoon Destinations

Way Off the Beaten Track - 11 Cool Honeymoon Destinations

Not into the Caribbean or Seychelles for the honeymoon? What about one of these instead?


Your honeymoon, guaranteed to be one of the most memorable (and often, expensive) holidays of your life. As it's your first holiday as husband and wife, sure you might as well go all out and pick something that little bit extra special. So today I've gathered a list of eleven of the world's unusual and cool honeymoon destinations  - we're thinking you need a real wow factor and a dash of cool to impress the mates (you know what we're like - always have to be different!). This isn't a typical list I warn you, there's is a little bit of everything from the most hilarious Safari experience to unique honeymoon destinations in France and the UK, these are all places you'll come back from with brilliant pictures and great memories. As I'm an avid animal lover you'll easily find which one I'd be picking...

1 . Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor is a small boutique guesthouse in the suburb of Lang’ata Nairobi, 40 minutes from the main Kenyatta Airport. The estate is surrounded by giraffes, many of which are known to pop their heads through the window and greet you at your meals. I kid you not!

Website: | Location:Kenya | Wow Factor: The only hotel in the world where you can eat breakfast with a giraffe, need I say more?

2. Kakslauttanen Glass Igloos & Cabins

This Arctic resort offers glass igloos and log cabins as accommodation. For a truly remarkable stay book your glass igloo during the northern lights season, which begins around the third week in August and ends the third week in April.

Website: | Location: Finland | Wow Factor:Sleep in an igloo and watch the stars as you drift off to sleep

3. The Old Railway Station

The Old Railway comprises of 4 Pullman carriages with 8 lovingly restored suites in the English countryside. Many elements have been improved, like fully equipped bathrooms, while others are simply retained, such as the splendour of the decorations. Really quaint and the area is perfect for scenic strolls and a spot of antique shopping.

Website: | Location: West Sussex, England | Wow Factor: A taste of the Orient Express without the price tag!

4. Sextantio Grotte Civita

Sextantio le Grotte della Civita’s caves are historic and uniquely romantic. It took 10 years to turn these caves into boutique bedrooms, so it was a long time in creation, but definitely deserves to be among the cool honeymoon destinations, because although they have all the home comforts you'll need they stay true to the setting with simple furnishings and soft candlelight.

Website: | Location: Matera, Italy | Wow Factor: Channel your inner caveman (or woman)

5. Active Or Chilled In The Caribbean

For the more active hike, horse ride, or cycle through the amazing surroundings, snorkle and scuba in the stunning sea or if your more chilled simply relax in one of 3 infinity pools.

Website: | Location: Nevis West Indies, Caribbean | Wow Factor: Dive & dine for lobster in the Carribean

6. Costa Verde Plane Hotel

Set on a jungle canopy, this refurbished 1965 vintage Being 727 plane is a suite perfect for 2 looking for something utterly unique. Super secluded and ideal for romantic honeymoons.

Website:| Location: Costa Rica | Wow Factor:Stay in a luxury "plane" 2 bedroom suite in a tropical forest

7. The Boot B&B

I couldn't compile this list and not include the boot hotel in New Zealand. Really cute and reminiscent of the old nursery rhyme, The Boot B&B is surrounded by pretty private floral gardens and you can go

Website: | Location: Nelson, New Zealand | Wow Factor: You really will be the (not-so-old) couple who lived in the boot!(

8. Utter Inn Underwater Hotel

If your idea of a cool honeymoon destination is being entirely away from the world for a while, then this could be for you. Not for the faint hearted or claustrophobic the Utter Inn is an underwater hotel based in a Sweedish lake. This one bedroom Inn is entirely secluded, so you'll be completely alone together - definitely a niche honeymoon choice.

Website: | Location: Vasteras, Sweden | Wow Factor: Sleeping with the fishes (endless Godfather jokes from him)  in one of the world's only underwater bedrooms

9. Spitbank Fort

Off the English coast Spitbank Fort is your own private island getaway. Arrive by boat to Spitbank Fort and stay in one of its 8 luxury bedroom suites, all of which retain many of their original features.

Website: | Location: Portsmouth, United Kingdom | Wow Factor: Making like a James Bond villain for a few days, spying back at the mainland and plotting to take over the world!

10. Lake Hotel India

Built with romance in mind this Indian hotel offers anything and everything you could want on honeymoon. Each room and suite in the palace is distinctly designed to capture a different mood and period. Mosaics, exquisite artefacts, and other fine embellishments punctuate opulent silks, richly coloured frescoes and ornately carved furniture. Get me there now..

Website: | Location:Rajasthan, India | Wow Factor: Utter luxury, far removed from reality, this is a watery palace for those who want to be spoiled but still have stories to tell.

11. Airstream Vintage Caravan Park

This vintage caravan park is just too much fun. Chose from one of the 11 uniquely styled caravans (don't worry these aren't your average caravan) in this French resort and just for a little while pretend you are loved up in an era long gone by.

Website: | Location: Midi-Pyrenees, France | Wow Factor: Sorta eco-chic, sorta hippy-dippy, definitely different, and you've got loads to do in the South of France!

Any other Cool Honeymoon Destinations we should include?

Have you been to any of our eleven destinations? 

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