Proximity to St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Having a wedding in NYC is both exciting and stressful. Not only is there the wedding itself to think about, but with the level of traffic in NYC it’s also important to think about where you’d like the reception to be located. Having those venues in close proximity of each other is extremely beneficial. Luckily, 3 West Club is just a short walk from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This poses a great opportunity to have your wedding reception at 3 West Club just after getting married at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Our talented staff will be ready and waiting for you and your guests to arrive after the ceremony. Our solarium even overlooks St. Patrick’s Cathedral! We have a wide variety of menu options in both the beverage and food department so your hungry guests will be sure to find something they enjoy. We have COVID-19 measures and policies in place, which our event coordinators will be happy to discuss with you, so your reception is both safe and fun.

3 West Club has everything you need from providing decor and seating to appointing a specific banquets manager for your reception who will be able to help you with all aspects of your special night. We will do the work, so you can sit back and enjoy the celebration with all your friends and family! To learn more about our wedding reception services, and the proximity to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, be sure to contact our team today.
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