Is Spring A Good Time To Get Married In NYC?

Have you just been engaged to your significant other? Are you starting to plan your wedding? Are you re-planning a wedding that has been postponed because of COVID-19? Instead of waiting until the summer to get married in NYC, why not get married in the spring? Spring symbolizes new growth and a new beginning which is the perfect time for you and your partner to start your new life as a couple.
The spring months in New York typically fall between March until May. During this time, trees and flowers are starting to bloom. Cherry blossoms are blooming along the busy NYC streets, giving the often grey city a pop of color and creating a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos that you can cherish for a lifetime. Since the days are becoming longer, you can choose a venue that has beautiful views, especially those offering views of the sunsets.
During this season, the sun is not so harsh, and it's not too hot or too cold. This allows the opportunity to have an indoor or outdoor wedding, whichever you choose, as long as the weather cooperates. The summer months are typically a busy time for weddings. However, this is also the time that many families travel. If you choose to have a spring wedding, you may get more "yes" replies as families aren't taking vacations just yet.

Flowers & Color Schemes

It's like they say - "April showers bring May flowers." Spring is the best time for beautiful flower blooms including Peonies, Amaranthus, Baby's Breath, Ranunculus, Succulents, and Eucalyptus. During this transition from winter to summer, you can get away with any color scheme, but most brides tend to choose pastels as they create a beautiful and romantic feel. From shades of mint to pinks and spring greens to beautiful pastels, the options are endless when it comes to spring weddings.

Contact Our Wedding Venue

So, is spring a good time to get married in NYC? In short, yes! If you are planning a spring wedding in Manhattan or other areas of NYC and need a wedding venue, take a look at 3 West Club. We understand that NYC offers a variety of venues for every taste and style. However, when you choose to work with us, our dedicated team will help you organize the wedding of your dreams. We offer four beautiful spaces to hold your wedding ceremony and reception. We are accommodating and flexible as we want to ensure your wedding day is just as you have dreamed. Let us help you with the floor plan, menu, and more to help you host the most unforgettable event of your dreams, and that of your guests. For more information or to book your spring Manhattan wedding with us, contact our historic hotel today!
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