How to Incorporate Lawn Games Into Your Wedding Without Wrecking Your Design

Summer months are among the most popular dates for weddings and for good reason - there is a happiness and blissfulness in the air during those warm summer days in general, but even more so when you add love to the mix. Adding aspects of fun, like a game of croquet or ring toss, to your wedding reception or pre-ceremony moments can up the ante for how much fun your guests will have!

Mirror the Game Selection to the Feel and Style of Your Wedding 

Lawn games can be laid back and casual, or you can fancy up them up if you are having more of a classic fete by adding upscale design elements such as incorporating your event color palette, fonts, etc. into the design of the games. These details will tie the activities to the event itself without it feeling like the games were an afterthought.

If you are having a classic outdoor ceremony with modern design details, yet want your guests to feel comfortable and enjoy the in-between moments of your day, opt to include games with design features that speak to your "theme" and style of your overall event. Think your wedding monogram or family crest as an addition to your croquet mallets, Jegna pieces, or cornhole bags.

Choose Games With a Bit of Meaning

The fun thing about adding lawn games into your wedding entertainment is the ability to curate the games based on your relationship and style. Meet the love of your life in college and associate some of your favorite college days playing cornhole while tailgating? Opt to include this as a sweet memento to your early relationship days. Or maybe you have a favorite game, such as Jenga or Connect Four, you like to play with your partner on a date night in - opt for giant versions of the games for your guests to play. This is also a great way to speak to your relationship and make the day even more "you" as a couple.

Limit the Number of Games 

While having several different game options for your guests is a great idea in theory - hey, something for everyone! It is best to keep the games to two to three count per one hundred guests. This way, you are adding a dash of personality and giving your guests activities, yet the games are still organized and serve just as much in the decor department as they do entertaining your guests.

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