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Professional Corporate Event Venue in Manhattan, NY

Choosing a place to host your corporate event in New York City can be difficult. Although there is a lot of possible locations to hold an event, choosing a convenient location with professional staff can be challenging. At 3 West Club, we can proudly say that we have both a convenient location and professional staff.

We are a boutique hotel with several different venues within our building. Each one has a unique style and maximum capacity. We offer rates for 5 hours and 10 hours for each of our venue options. Our staff can discuss what would be best for your corporate event in terms of time and venue. Our location can host as little as 20 or as many as 200 guests. We also offer food and beverage options to keep your guests full and happy. Regardless, of which venue or food you may choose, our friendly staff is happy to help.

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Choosing the right corporate event venue is important. You want to have a place that is nice, convenient for your guests, and has professional staff. Thankfully, 3 West Club meets all those criteria. We are a boutique hotel located in midtown. Our corporate event venue is excellent for both small and large gatherings. Contact us today to book your next corporate event!
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