Bring a Fresh Approach to Your Event with Brand Ambassadors

Digital technology has changed the way in which business operates. At one time companies just had to focus on radio and print advertisements to gain popularity. The advent of television complicated this, let alone the rise of the internet. Suddenly advertisements are everywhere and come in a wide range of forms. Some businesses even only operate online! This means that companies and brands have had to become savier and more strategic in reaching their consumers if they want to succeed. It has become necessary for companies to become more creative in reaching the public because consumers themselves have also become pickier thanks to the number of options available to them. Oddly enough, it’s been proven time and time again, that the most effective way to market a service or product is one of the oldest: with human connection. This is crucial because everyone is more willing to try something new if they trust the source of the information. This is where brand ambassadors are valuable parts of a marketing plan.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

“Brand Ambassador” is one of those positions that is seen everywhere, but fewer people understand what it actually means. The truth of the matter is that a brand ambassador position is exactly what it sounds like: a brand ambassador should completely embody the ethos of the company or brand in question so they can properly convey it to potential customers. They should first and foremost take on the tone and ideology of the brand. From there they can begin to speak informatively about the brand and be able to answer any questions that a customer throws at them.

They are most often used when canvassing, at a trade show, or anywhere that a large number of potential customers are present. In these situations brand ambassadors are most often the ones who leave a first impression for the company and make personal contact with the customers and consumers. This is why it is vitally important that they make a long-lasting and positive association.

Why You Should Hire a Brand Ambassador

The main power of a brand ambassador lies in the fact that they have the ability to humanize the brand and company. This makes customers feel comfortable when they’re shopping and don’t feel like they’re being manipulated by a salesperson. The customer then begins to feel connected to the company and develop brand loyalty. People are able to associate a likeable face and a positive interaction with the company thanks to brand ambassadors. This is what advertising and marketing strategies strive to create after all.

Job Description

It is worth noting that brand ambassadors are very different from spokespeople. A spokesperson tends to be a celebrity, CEO, or recognizable face. This is attention-grabbing and brings their audience to the brand, but they are removed. This is of course an incredibly effective marketing strategy but it creates a very different experience and effect than that of brand ambassadors. Brand Ambassadors are more accessible and relatable to the general population.

Key Characteristics

Due to the role that they play, it is important that the right kind of personalities are selected as brand ambassadors. They need to be friendly, conversational, approachable, and just have a positive attitude overall. That being said there are a few more ideal features of a brand ambassador:

An ambassador’s purpose is to spread the word about the brand to as wide an audience as possible. Having a strong online presence is helpful for this. Not everyone has to have thousands upon thousands of followers, but they should have active social media accounts. They should also have accounts on multiple platforms to better reach a diverse range of people.
While brand ambassadors should be friendly and approachable, it is important to remember that this is still a job. They need to be professional individuals who are self-motivated and can work independently. Since they won’t be under constant supervision they should also be reliable and consistent.
Finally, a brand ambassador also needs to be a leader. After having worked as one for a while they should be able to direct and help new brand ambassadors. This will also keep quality high.

In The End…

Trade shows and other marketing events would not be successful without effective brand ambassadors. They bring new customers to the brand so that it can continue to thrive and expand. Without brand ambassadors many companies would not be where they are today.
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