Premier NYC Rooftop Event Venue

Get out of the office this summer and enjoy a scenic view of the city with your coworkers. The rooftop bar at 3 West Club, also known as the Solarium, is the perfect corporate event venue for your team. Located on the 9th floor, the Solarium can hold up to 130 guests in a cocktail hour capacity. It overlooks St. Patrick’s Cathedral, providing gorgeous views for your corporate gathering. Rooftop events have always been popular, but have become increasingly trendy in recent years. A few reasons for this can be found below.

Networking: With the added ambiance of the outdoors, people are more inclined to stay at a corporate event longer than they would if the event was held indoors. Rooftops provide an open, fun experience that everyone can enjoy. This is ideal for business meetings because the more time individuals spend at a corporate gathering, the more people they will have the opportunity to interact with, ultimately broadening their connections.

Upscale Feel: Being at the top creates a luxurious vibe that everyone enjoys. Finally being up high and able to look down at the bustling world below offers a unique sensation. Creating an experience like this with your co-workers or business partners is a memory you will share for years to come.

Experience Economy:
Materialism has turned into a craving for experiences over the past decade. Individuals, especially the younger crowd, have an appreciation for adventure, uniqueness, and memorable experiences that material goods often lack. Rooftop events fulfill the experience economy and provide your guests with the opportunity for a social media-worthy post!

To enjoy all the city has to offer, let the talented staff at 3 West Club host your corporate gathering at our premier rooftop event venue. Our expansive cocktail selection will have something everyone can enjoy! To learn more about our corporate event options this summer, be sure to contact us today.
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