Tips for Attracting + Engaging Millennials at Your Event

Tips for Attracting and Engaging Millennials at Your Event

In this week's blog we bring you some vital tips for attracting and engaging millennials at your upcoming event.

1. Make your event website “social” .
When trying to attract Generation Y attendees, don’t stick to just the meeting basics (i.E. - event agendas and registration forms). Let the audience begin to interact before the meeting by incorporating social media widgets, enabling comments and featuring blog posts from speakers.

2. Host your event in a big city.
Researchers have found that millennials want to live and go to big cities where there is public transportation and a lot of nighttime activities.

3. Offer opportunities for professional networking.
research has also found that an estimated 80 percent of millennials are more likely to attend events that include a "peer-to-peer networking" and a "career networking and job opportunities".

4. Make education fun and interesting.
mobile applications and gamification in sessions and throughout the meeting will make learning much more interactive and keep your attendees focused as well as interested.

5. Make social media an event focus.
we live in an age where social medial holds great power. by creating a hashtag for the event you have attendees something to automatically engage about and connect everything occurring at the event to (subconsciously creating advertising for your company). you can also arrange to have tweets and posts displayed on projection screens throughout the space. another idea is incentivize the social interaction by offering a prize for the most interesting or engaging tweet.



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