How to Personalize Overlooked Areas for your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is very personalized and is a reflection of you and your groom's personality.  Don't forget to dress up several forgotten areas at your venue to further personalize your day!
  1. Entrances-No matter where you wed, first impressions are essential for the ceremony and reception space.  A personalized entryway for both will make your site welcoming and help guests feel party ready from the start.
  2. Bar-The bar is a spot that most of your guests will visit at least a few times throughout the night, which is precisely why it's a great place to add a burst of color, special floral arrangement or personalized decor.
  3. Cake Table- The cake table is often a main focal point of the reception space where many of your guests will congregate to take pictures.  It's also going to be the center of attention for your cake-cutting photos, so you'll want to set that stage..
  4. Aisle-Sure, the altar is going to be the star of the ceremony (along with you and your partner, of course), but don't forget to deck out the aisle as well.  Florals or candles are a perfect touch.
  5. Lounge-A cozy spot to relax and mingle during the reception is a must.  Make sure it feels like part of the overall vibe with a few throws in your colors or pillows featuring your new signature monogram.
  6. Bathroom-No need to get too fancy in the facilities, but adding few thoughtful touches, like a petite flower arrangement and basket full of often-forgotten essentials, can make freshening up between dance numbers that much more pleasant for your guests.
  7. Escort table-Assign seating ahead of time and create a pretty spot for guests to stop by on the way to their table with an escort card display.  Use it as an opportunity to creatively speak to your theme.
Special thanks to THE KNOT for these great tips.
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