Don't Ignore Your 30th Birthday

Turning 30 is a dreadful moment for most adults. You’re no longer in your twenties but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. No one can change how you feel about your 30th birthday, but you can! So here are some ways you can celebrate it to make this birthday experience a bit less miserable.

When you turn 30 and start thinking about everything you haven’t accomplished, stop yourself and think about everything you have accomplished and what you still wish to accomplish. Everyone has a bucket list and whether it be skydiving, traveling, buying that car or handbag you’ve always wanted, just do it. Your 30th birthday should be about reflection and change.

Whether you’re feeling happy or sad about the big 30, no one regrets contributing to charity work. Helping individuals and watching your efforts positively impact people’s lives is unforgettable. Invite your friends to celebrate your 30th birthday doing charity work. It’ll have you all leaving with a positive attitude and experience.

Sometimes you just need time to accept the change. Invite all your friends over for a pajama party with some junk food, beer, and old movies. Stay up all night talking about all your hilariously crazy life experiences and memories. Enjoying a night like this with all your loved ones is necessary every once in a while.

Maybe it's best you don't pick up your old college habits of reckless partying, but wine tastings are a great way to stay classy and still have a fun and wild time with your friends. Rent a chauffeur for the day, so you're a responsible adult living up to the expectations of a truly thirsty thirty birthday.


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