5 Trending Wedding Dresses for Spring 2017

Like many other trends, wedding dresses also have trends that come and go. Keep scrolling to see which hot trends are staying for Spring 2017.

1. Bridal Capes

If veils just aren't your thing, then give bridal capes a try. Wear the cape for your ceremony and whisk it away to reveal a different look for your reception.  

2. High Collars

Is it a surprise high collar wedding dresses are back in when turtle necks and mock necks have been trending? Certainly not a coincidence! An updo perfectly complements this high collar trend.

3. Deep V Necklines

Deep V-Neckline dresses not only elongates your frame but also flatters your upper body. Ladies, this ultra-feminine look is a must-try.

4. Streamer Sleeves

Want to draw more attention to you and your dress on your special day? Consider wearing a wedding dress with streamer sleeves. The movement of the sleeves when walking down the aisle will guarantee every eye on you.

5. Bows

Need an over-the-top feminine detail? Make a dramatic exit with a large bow on your train, or add some structure and accentuate your waist with a bow sash.

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Written by: Shelley Brown

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