5 Tips for Engaging Millennial Event Attendees

Have you thought about who is attending your events? Ever wonder how to keep them engaged while learning in order to return to their offices with new ideas? We have a few ideas to keep your millennial event attendees engaged while creating a unique experience for all conference guests.
1. Break the Schedule: Allow time for networking. Millennials thrive from connection with other people so give them time in their schedule to make their own schedule. This gives attendees time to network or catch up on email from the day. This will leave them feeling more engaged and well connected with other attendees.
2. Take a cue from TedTalks: Shorten breakout sessions to 20 minutes or less. People are more inclined to pay attention in smaller bursts of time. This is also a cue from Twitter and Facebook how the millennial generation wants bite sized information in quick doses. Shorter sessions allow for these attendees to remain engaged.

3. Plan for the families: Attendees are bringing families to their meetings. Make them a welcomed distraction by scheduling family activities. Maybe you plan for on-site babysitters or provide a list of local attractions that families can check out during their spare time. This will make the conference a destination, increase bed nights, and ultimately increase attendance numbers.

4. Use and encourage Social Media: 
Millennials view experiences at live events as a valuable content to be shared with their online friends. Event professionals shall seize this trend and aim at creating tweetable moments that millennials might spread to their extended online communities. Create the event hashtag and promote it so the millennials can live-tweet and spread the word about your event to the non-onsite attendees. Set up the tweet walls onsite and incentify participation by offering small rewards.

5. Incorporate live polling: Majority of millennials are interested in being part of live polls during event sessions! They want to be an active part of the presentations – express their opinion, interact with speakers. They don’t want to be mere observers. By engaging millennial delegates with live polling during the presentations, presenters create a strong group experience that leaves the audience feeling like they all have been part of the event story.

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