5 Spooktacular Reasons to Propose on Halloween

Halloween is a day full of mystery and surprise, but the ultimate surprise just may be a proposal. If your partner adores Halloween, and by that I mean, he or she starts putting up Halloween decorations in September, loves to watch all the scary movies that exist, and enjoys eating chicken fingers that look like actual bloody fingers, a proposal on Halloween may be the way to go. Now many of you are probably wondering how a proposal on Halloween could be successful; so here are five reasons proposing on Halloween shouldn’t be an underrated move.
1. Your partner won’t expect it

As long as you’re not too nervous and unconsciously dropping too many subtle hints that the proposal is coming, your partner is probably too busy preparing for Halloween that the thought of a proposal will completely slip his or her mind. Not many people hear about proposals happening on Halloween and that’s because it is secretly the best way to do it. Proposing on a jumbo screen at a sports game is nice but there are probably at least 50 people in the audience thinking this may be their potential proposal.

2. It’s easy to dress for the occasion

One of the best reasons to be in a relationship on Halloween is for the couple costumes; they are so entertaining and adorable. Dress up as your favorite celebrity couple, or your favorite Disney prince and princess, or food pairings that will always go well together. What better proposal pic than to be dressed that you’re obviously perfect for each other!

3. The proposal ideas are endless

Finding a ring in your champagne glass or biting into your cake can be exciting and romantic, but for true Halloween fans, spelling out the big question in lighted carved pumpkins, zombies serenading your partner, or scary dolls screaming out the question in unison just might make your partner laugh, cry, and scream all at the same time. A proposal is always going to be heartwarming and exciting but wouldn’t it be a little more adventurous to invoke a little bit of fear and laughter to it?
4. Now you’re right on time for Holiday Cards

Now that you’re engaged to the love of your life, (hooray!) you’ll be right on time to send your families and loved ones the ultimate hilariously cheesy holiday cards.  You’ve only got three weeks until Thanksgiving and only a month after that until Christmas, so you two better get busy mailing those delightful cards.
5. The holiday you two loved just got more lovable

Halloween was already a day of joy and thrill for you two and you probably couldn’t have imagined it getting any better. Well, no need for imagining, because the love of your life said yes to spending the rest of his or her life with you on this glorious holiday revolving around monsters and the souls of the dead.
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